Misunderstanding about the National Championship awards and payouts

A lot of Super Tour members at the Bracket Finals last weekend were angry that National Championship awards ceremony did not take place Saturday evening like last year.

Despite the fact that the announcement of a banquet has been mentioned several times this season in press releases, many racers were still expecting to receive their payouts and prizes at the party last Saturday. The Super Tour team would like to apologize for not having been more specific on this subject.

Our Super Tour banquet idea was a way to bring together the members to crown our champions, to highlight the best drivers of the season and also to announce next year’s dates. However after discussions, we came to a different conclusion. The Super Tour include racers who live everywhere in Eastern Canada from Gasp√© to northern Ontario. In addition to all the other Quebec and Ontario Race Track banquets, it would be extremely difficult to bring together a majority of racers for a lot of factors.

We therefore invite all the Super Tour members to join us at the Luskville Dragway banquet that will be held on November 25 in Ottawa. We will crown the 2017 Super Tour National Championship as well as the awards and prizes for the 20 best racers of each category. Payouts and prizes for all the racers that cannont be present at the banquet will be shipped by mail the following week.

Next year, the awards ceremony will take place as in 2016, under the tent at the Bracket Finals.

Thank you for your understanding we are looking forward to have a good time with all of you guys at the Luskville banquet!