Dave Rennie – Super Pro Door Car and Overall Points Champion

Ottawa’s Dave Rennie wins the Super Pro Door Cars title this season with his 1975 Chevy Vega. With strong performances throughout the season, he finished first overall in the Super Pro class with 8,200 points. Rennie scored two wins this season, the first at the Spring Bracket Break in May at the ICAR and a second at the Fall Bracket Championship in September at Luskville Dragway. A presence in the semi-finals at the Summer Bracket Nationals allows him to cumulate enough points to finish first and sign his first Super Tour Championship Title.

Phil Harvey – Super Pro Dragster Champion

Phil Harvey from Saint-Calixte is the 2022 Super Pro Dragster Champion driving his Miller Dragster. Like the Door Car champion, Harvey has two wins and a semi-final finish this season. A solid performance at the Summer Bracket Nationals in July in Luskville with a win on Saturday and a semi-final on Sunday put him at the top of the standings. He then signed a second win at the Fall Bracket Championship allowing him to win the Dragster title while finishing in 25th place with the second entry.

Brody Bellefeuille –Super Pro #3 and Pro 1 Safety Most Improved Driver

Young Brody Bellefeuille from Greely, Ontario impresses by finishing his first full season with the Super Pros in 3rd place. The highlight of the season is arguably his big win at Bracket Bonanza Week in August when he scored the Ten Thousand Dollar Payout. Consistency throughout the season with a single score of 300 points allows him to win the Pro 1 Racing Most Improved Driver Award in 2022!

Mike Chenier – Super Pro #4

Mike Chenier from Gatineau got an excellent season driving his Corvette, finishing in 4th place. Chenier’s best performance was at the Fall Bracket Championship in Luskville with a semi-finals lost. Just like Bellefeuille, Mike Chenier only recorded one 300 points race this season.

Kyle Jessup – Super Pro #5

Renfrew’s Kyle Jessup is making a return to the top 10 this season. Champion and runner-up of the class in 2016, Jessup finished seventh in 2017 and fourth in 2020. He rose to fifth position this year thanks to a good performance at the Bracket Bonanza and a semi-final appearance at the Fall Bracket Championship.

Dale Gauthier –Super Pro #6

The defending champion of the category, Dale Gauthier from Belleville, Ontario signs a sixth top 10 finish in seven years. He is without a doubt the driver with the most consistency in Super Tour championship History. Gauthier’s best performance this season came at the Bracket Bonanza with a semi-final appearance on Saturday.

Fred Angers –Super Pro #7

Bracket Super Tour’s President Fred Angers from Laval also scored a sixth top 10 in seven seasons. The 2017 Super Pro champion finishes in seventh place this year thanks to a runner-up at the Summer Bracket and a semi finals at the Spring Bracket at Icar.

Brandon Barker – Super Pro #8 and #10

A solid double performance for the winningest driver in Super Tour History Brandon Barker from Belleville, Ontario. Barker took his Bracket Life Brand dragster to an eighth and tenth place finish this year. A runner-up at the Spring Bracket final and a semi-final lost at the Bracket Finals is taking him for a third time (2018, 2019) in the Super Tour Top 10 with his two entries in the same year.

Remy Boisclair – Super Pro #9

A newcomer to the Super Tour this year is Remy Boisclair from St-Elisabeth. Boisclair impressed this season with several good performances including a semi-final lost at the Summer Bracket Nationals. He finished in second place for the Most Improved Racer Award.

Jim Giff – Pro Champion

Ottawa’s Jim Giff is the 2022 National Champion in the Pro Class driving Richard Miller’s Ford Maverick. With a win at the Bracket Bonanza, a Runner-up at the Bracket Finals and a semi-final appearance at the Spring Bracket, Giff signs a first Super Tour title after finishing fourth in 2019 and seventh in 2018.

Stephen Ballantyne – Pro #2

Stephen Ballantyne has been competing on the Super Tour circuit for five years. For the third time, the Gatineau driver finished second in the Pro class standings. The young driver also finished in the top 10 on two other occasions, putting him in the elite of this class. He is sitting third in the Power Ranking despite two seasons less than his rivals. With a Bracket Bonanza win this year, he finds himself in fourth place for the most wins in all categories with a total of five.

Larry Lepine – Pro #3

Larry Lepine from Gatineau positioned himself among the best this season wheeling his motorcycle. He won Saturday’s race at the Bracket Finals in addition to runner-up finishes at the Bracket Bonanza as well as at the Fall Bracket Championship.

Eric Monaghan – Pro #4

Two wins in one weekend at the Fall Bracket Championship allowed Eric Monaghan from Valcartier to finish in fourth place this season. Monaghan had finished sixth in 2021 and eighth in 2016. He is the driver with the second most points in the Pro Class history.

Gab Jensen – Pro #5

Second-generation driver Gab Jensen from Kemptville, Ontario is doing well again this season after finishing in the top 10 in his rookie season last year, he now finishes fifth this season thanks to two semi-final appearances at the Summer Bracket Nationals and the Fall Bracket Championship.

Martin Lassiseraye – Pro #6

The 2018 champion Martin Lassiraye from Quebec is the driver who accumulates the most points in the Pro category History in seven seasons of competition. He finished for the fourth time in the top 10 with two runner-ups this season at Icar as well as at the Summer Bracket Nationals.

Jim Hewitt – Pro #7

Jim Hewitt from Nepean, Ontario scores his best score on the circuit with a seventh place. A semi-finals at the Spring Bracket in Icar allows him to rank in the top 10 for the first time.

Russ Fraser – Pro #8

This year’s Bracket Bonanza winner Russ Fraser from Brockville, Ontario finished in the top 10 for the fourth time. Fraser was third last year.

Francois Rondeau – Pro #9

François Rondeau from Saint-Julie takes advantage of a win at the Spring Bracket and a semi-finals at the Summer Bracket to climb to ninth position in the Pro rankings this season.

Mark Thompson – Pro #10

Mark Thompson ends the season in tenth position. A third top 10 for the Nepean, Ontario racer.

Xavier Magny – 2022 Junior Champion

In the Junior Dragster category, this year’s Champio is Xavier Magny from St-Edouard-de-Lotbinière. Xavier has taken part in four finals rounds this season winning three of them. He finished over 1,000 points ahead of his nearest rival!